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Forensics Quickie: Methodology for Identifying Linux ext4 Timestamp Values in debugfs `stat` Command

Data Carving with Foremost

Detecting Tor communications

Cloud Forensics in Breach Investigations

Anatomy of the thread suspension mechanism in Windows

Hasty Scripts: Capture Google Activity Log

Forensic Implications of Software Updates: iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile

Forensic Case Files: Employee Hard Drive Switcheroo

Memory Forensics Investigation using Volatility (Part 1)

SMB2 – File/Directory Metadata

Quickpost: Data Exfiltration With Tor Browser And Domain Fronting

Yet another way to hide from Sysinternals’ tools, part 1.5

Leveraging Emond on macOS For Persistence

We Smell a RAT: Detecting a Remote Access Trojan That Snuck Past a User

Hunting for Network Share Recon

Analysis of a Polish BankBot

Threat Spotlight: LockPOS Point of Sale Malware

New Year, New Look – Dridex via Compromised FTP

What can you do with 250K sandbox reports?

Interpreting Antivirus Detection Names

RIG Exploit Kit Delivers Ramnit Banking Trojan via Seamless Malvertising Campaign

A coin miner with a “Heaven’s Gate”

Huge Botnet Attacking Italian Companies

Git Your RATs Here!

Decrypting malicious PDFs with the key, (Mon, Jan 15th)

Skygofree: Following in the footsteps of HackingTeam

Unpatched Oracle WebLogic Servers Infected with Cryptocurrency Software

The Big Zeus Family Similarity Showdown

Microsoft Office Vulnerabilities Used to Distribute Zyklon Malware in
Recent Campaign

Let’s Learn: Dissect Rig Exploit Kit Anti-Bot Filter Gate

LaZagne, a credentials recovery tool

Blockchain and Digital Forensics

Improved PRNU-Based Forgery Localization

The Power of Bro and why you should include it in your security infrastructure

Malware Data Science: Attack Detection and Attribution

Learning Malware Analysis

Portable Dynamic Malware Analysis with an Improved Scalability and Automatisation

Growth in a Small Forensics Company – Our First Employee

Mobile forensic case study: Tennessee Dept. of Correction

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