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Список принтеров с точками и без

Introduction This is a list of color laser printer models that do or do not print yellow tracking dots on their output. We tried to interpret the information conveyed by these dots as part of our Machine Identification Code Technology Project. Sources of information We have employed three sources of information. We looked at printer output…

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Документооборот https://kirjuri.kurittu.org/demo/index.php https://github.com/AnttiKurittu/kirjuri https://www.intaforensics.com/lima/ Видеофорензика DVR Examiner Amped FIVE Elecard Мобильная форензика UFED 4PC (with CHINEX, UFED Camera Kit) Cellebrute UFED Touch Oxygen Forensics DETECTIVE XRY Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle Облачная форензика UFED Cloud Analyzer Oxygen Forensics DETECTIVE Elcomsoft Cloud eXplorer Восстановление данных с мобильных устройств Easy Z3x JTAG BOX Octoplus Box Samsung anyway S101…

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Forensics Quickie: Methodology for Identifying Linux ext4 Timestamp Values in debugfs `stat` Command Data Carving with Foremost Detecting Tor communications Cloud Forensics in Breach Investigations Anatomy of the thread suspension mechanism in Windows Hasty Scripts: Capture Google Activity Log Forensic Implications of Software Updates: iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile Forensic Case Files: Employee Hard Drive…

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Recovering deleted internet history from System Restore points Windows Console Command History: Valuable Evidence for Live Response Investigation iOS Imaging on the Cheap! – Part Deux! (for iOS 10 & 11) Forensically Collecting Emails — 5 Things to Know Evidence acquisition workflow in 5 steps Defending Against an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) 8 Steps to…

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Новости компьютерной криминалистики How to mount Mac APFS images in Windows Mounting an APFS image in Linux Volatility plugin to extract BitLocker Full Volume Encryption Keys Database Reverse Engineering ADRecon Overview A List of Incident Response sources Aaron at DigitalResidue provides a primer on virtual memory and explains a few Volatility plugins damn blogger.com Mobile…

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Новые исследования в компьютерной криминалистике Adventures in Laptop Forensics  Another OSX.Dok dropper found installing new backdoor Snake malware ported from Windows to Mac  HandBrake Hacked!  Super Free Music Player in Google Play is malware: a technical analysis  Police Backlogs—Is Throwing Bodies at the Problem the Answer?  Practical Packet Analysis Photo Contest